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    *Please note that Parliament has now been dissolved and I am not currently the MP for Chorley. This site will be frozen and not updated until after the General Election.*



    I was elected to Parliament in 1997 after serving on Chorley Council, download my biography.


    Update: Chorley A&E

    'The permanent staffing position remains as it was when the decision was taken to temporarily change the service, which is two middle grade doctors, and three trainee doctors'


    Following this update I have requested a further meeting with NHS Improvement, NHS England and the Health Secretary - campaigners accepted the August date for reopening of A&E in good faith, and this lack of recruitment is very, very worrying.


    Lindsay Hoyle MP 12th July 2016

    Protecting British Jobs

    I have written to the Prime Minister to urge him to intervene in the Tata Steel crisis. 

    Keep Sunday Special

    This week Labour joined forces with some Conservative backbenchers in a last-ditch attempt to block the government’s proposals to extend Sunday trading. And we won.

    I know how important it is to spend time with family on a Sunday. Labour politicians and trade unionists have campaigned for decades for workers to get a decent break at the weekend. Last Sunday, Church leaders in England and Wales came out against the changes.

    On balance I believe we need to keep Sundays special, so that busy families have one day a week to spend together. The current law strikes a balance. Retailers can trade, customers can shop, and shop workers can spend time with their families. The rapid expansion in online shopping, means there is no compelling economic case for extending Sunday shopping hours.

    The government’s plans will mean a postcode lottery for businesses, because the bill hands the decision to local councils and mayors. Different Sunday trading regulations in every council area will mean confusion for consumers and for businesses alike.

    Retail workers don’t want the changes: USDAW, the shopworkers’ trade union, found that nine out of 10 oppose longer opening hours. I have heard from local Convenience stores and they don’t want the changes as they will lose the Sunday boost to trade.

    And independent shops are against the changes: their owners already work long hours, with Sunday being their only break. Some big retailers, such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco, oppose longer Sunday opening hours.

    The changes to Sunday shop opening hours will hurt families and have no strong economic case. I and my Labour colleagues will work to keep Sunday special.

    Supporting Safety

    Local MP confirms he will be lobbying for Private Member's Bill for First Aid courses to be taught in schools.

    NEW: MP ‘Makes Time for Tea’ Ovarian Cancer Appeal



    Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle has pledged his support for the Make Time for Tea appeal as part of ovarian cancer awareness month for The Eve Appeal.

    The campaign aims to raise awareness of the prevalence and symptoms of ovarian cancer. It is the fourth most common cause of cancer death in women and accounts for more UK deaths than all of the other gynaecological cancers put together.

    The encouraging news is that if diagnosed at an early age, the outcome is good. Women with early stage ovarian cancer have five-year survival rates in excess of 70% whereas women diagnosed with ovarian cancer at a later stage have much lower survival rates of between 5% and 33%.

    Appealing for women to ‘Make Time for Tea’ as part of The Eve Appeal the campaign hopes to get people together at tea parties to discuss their own experiences and educate each other about ovarian cancer.

    Angie Ades has held a tea party for the last two years, she said:

    “I feel passionately about The Eve Appeal because my own mum died from ovarian cancer 8 years ago. I wanted to raise awareness of this terrible disease and thought that tea parties were a fun way of achieving just that. The parties are fab and they really do get people talking, plus the last one raised about £1,800 for research.”

    Lindsay Hoyle MP said:

    “I am delighted to have been asked to support this fantastic campaign, if caught early enough ovarian cancer can be treated and we know that women can survive. Early diagnosis is vital. We just need more people to know about the symptoms and to have the confidence to visit their doctor, hopefully these Tea Parties will do just that.”


    Hoyle calls on Chancellor to cut beer duty

    Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle has joined with the British Beer & Pub Association, the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) by sending a ‘Message in a Barrel’, calling on the Chancellor of the Exchequer to cut beer duty in the Budget on 16th March.

    Lindsay Hoyle MP posted his message in the handcrafted barrel, specially made by Yorkshire brewer Theakston’s, alongside almost 50 other MPs to add their voice to the campaign. The three cuts in beer duty over the past three Budgets have proved a massive boost for brewing and pubs in the UK, resulting in more affordable beer and millions of pounds of investment in pubs.

    However, there is still more that can be done. Beer tax in the UK remains far higher than that neighbouring European countries. In Germany, for example, the rate of tax on beer is some thirteen times lower than here in the UK. British beer drinkers pay almost 40 per cent of all the beer tax in the EU despite only drinking 12% of the beer. Brewing and pubs make a massive contribution to the UK economy. As a sector it supports almost 900,000 jobs across the country and contributes £22bn to UK GDP.

    Beer tax cuts are also popular with the public – a recent YouGov poll for the BBPA shows that 72 per cent support with a cut or freeze in beer duty in the Budget.

    Lindsay Hoyle MP said:

    “With the Budget just around the corner, it’s important that the Chancellor realises just how strongly people feel about beer duty. Local pubs are at the heart of our communities and we know how much a cut in beer duty can help them.”

    Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive of the British Beer & Pub Association, said:

    “I am delighted that so many MPs have shown their support for cutting beer duty. It is the most direct, targeted way of helping pubs. Strong support from MPs always gives a real boost to our campaign - we have built a very strong case for further duty cuts to boost employment and protect pubs, as the industry still faces big pressures.”

    Supporting Fair Pensions

    Lindsay Hoyle MP's position on State Pension Age for Women

    Supporting Chorley Teachers and Students

    I am pleased to bring to colleagues' attention an outstanding free training opportunity for which all teachers in the Chorley area are eligible. For more details please visit www.parliament.uk/teachers-institute and have a look at this letter from the organisers.


    I am absolutely passionate about supporting all of our great schools across Chorley. This is a great chance for our fantastic local teachers to enjoy an unforgettable week in Westminster.  Good luck!

    Supporting our NHS

    Hoyle Shows Support for Junior Doctors

    Following the decision by the Health Secretary to impose a new contract on junior doctors in the NHS Lindsay Hoyle has reaffirmed his support for doctors.

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt MP has imposed a new contract which extends working hours for junior doctors significantly but doesn’t fairly re-imburse them for the extra work over weekends and late nights.

    Under the new contract, Saturdays from 7am to 5pm will, for the first time, become part of the normal working week for all 45,000 junior doctors. It also extends junior doctors’ plain time from 7pm on weekdays to 9pm.


    The two moves together will mean that trainee medics will lose significant overtime payments they have received until now for working antisocial hours.


    The government announced that their basic pay would rise by 13.5%, which is 2% more than the 11% he previously offered. However, this is still interpreted as less than their overall rate when extended over the weekend.


    Lindsay Hoyle MP said:

    “Everyone, including the BMA, agrees with the need to reform the current contract. But hardly anyone, including hospitals CEOs, Royal Colleges and medical staff thinks the need to do that is so urgent that it justifies imposition, and all the chaos that will bring.

    The public have the right expect the same quality of treatment late at night and over the weekends as we get midweek – but you can’t change the rules of the game mid-play and that is what has happened.”

    Chorley MP Pushes for More Free School Meals

    Here is the full text of my press statement today

    Local MP, Lindsay Hoyle has given his backing in Parliament to a change that will amend the law to automatically enrol eligible school children for free school meals.

    This Bill is a Private Member’s Bill and so does not automatically enjoy support from either the government or the opposition.

    As a result the Bill has significant challenges ahead. However, there is a huge amount of support for the change from Members of Parliament on all sides of the House of Commons.

    If the Bill becomes law local authorities will be compelled to provide details of housing and council tax benefits to identify those children in most need due to low household income.

    It is estimated that this data could provide 160,000 children across the country with free school meals. This isn’t a change in eligibility; simply a case of identifying those who are should already be receiving this support.

    Lindsay Hoyle MP said:

    “I will be lobbying colleagues and the government to support the automatic registration of eligible children.

    It is clear to see that this change to the law could make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of children right across the country.

    I know from my work in Chorley that children are at their most enthusiastic when they are happy and healthy; this can never be the case when vulnerable children are missing vital meals. Our children deserve the best start in life and this simple change in the law will help us do just that.”

    The Bill is expected to have its second reading debate on Friday 4 March 2016

    NEW: Lindsay Hoyle signs Holocaust Educational Trust Book of Commitment

    News Release from Lindsay Hoyle MP

    26th January 2016 Immediate Release

    Hoyle signs Holocaust Educational Trust Book of Commitment

    This week Lindsay Hoyle signed the Holocaust Educational Trust’s Book of Commitment, in doing so pledging his commitment to Holocaust Memorial Day and honouring those who were murdered during the Holocaust as well as paying tribute to the extraordinary Holocaust survivors who work tirelessly to educate young people.

    Wednesday 27th January will mark the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, the site of the largest mass murder in history.

    In the weeks leading up to and after Holocaust Memorial Day, thousands of commemorative events will be arranged by schools, faith groups and community organisations across the country, remembering all the victims of the Holocaust and subsequent genocides.

    After signing the Book of Commitment Lindsay Hoyle MP said:

    “Holocaust Memorial Day marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration and death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau – and is an important opportunity to remember the victims and survivors of the Holocaust and make sure they are not forgotten. I encourage all constituents to mark the day and to join members of my community in the fight against prejudice and intolerance.

    In Chorley we have a history of ensuring our community remembers the horrors of the holocaust and I was glad to see so many young people at our remembrance service this year.”

    Karen Pollock MBE, Chief Executive of the Holocaust Educational Trust, said:

    “We are proud that Lindsay is supporting Holocaust Memorial Day. As we mark the 71st anniversary of the end of the Holocaust and the liberation of the concentration camps, it is vitally important that we both continue to remember and learn from the appalling events of the Holocaust – as well as ensuring that we continue to challenge antisemitism and all forms of bigotry.



    Getting Better Services for Chorley: Broadband

    MP Slams Broadband Speeds and Calls for OfCom Action

    The Rt. Hon Lindsay Hoyle MP has today co-signed a new report from the British Infrastructure Group of MPs (BIG) revealing that despite £1.7bn of taxpayers’ cash being pumped into subsidising the construction of UK high-speed broadband, there are still a staggering 5.7million people across Britain who cannot access the internet at the Ofcom required 10 Megabits per second.

    In 2016 people rightly expect access to high-speed internet connections. Whether at home or work, fast broadband should be a reality in all our communities. Sadly, this is not yet the case. In Chorley people are dealing with some really poor connections and gaps in services. In fact Chorley falls into the bottom 30% of seats for the number of connections with speeds slower than 2Mb/s

    Today’s report, ‘BroadBad’, calls on the regulator Ofcom to take radical action over the ‘natural monopoly’ too long enjoyed by BT Openreach. The comprehensive report, which details connection speeds in every part of the country, argues that given our modern economy being so reliant on the internet, it is time to stop being held back by BT’s lack of ambition and underinvestment.

    The Rt. Hon Lindsay Hoyle MP said:

    “I believe Britain should be leading the world in digital innovation. Yet instead the Britain suffers from having a BT run monopoly clinging to outdated copper technology with no proper long-term plan for the future. Britain needs to start converting to a fully fibre network so it is not left behind the other nations who are rushing to embrace digital advancement.

    “However, Britain will only achieve this by taking action to open up the sector. Given all the delays and missed deadlines, perhaps only a formal separation of BT from Openreach, combined with fresh competition and a concerted ambition to deliver, will now create the broadband service that our constituents and businesses so rightly demand.”

    Chorley: My Town,

    My Passion

    Chorley is a great town and I have lived here all my life. I work closely with Chorley Council, Lancashire County Council and the Parish Councils as well as with a wide range of services, organisations and charities to get the best deal for the town. Here are some useful links:

    My surgeries

    I hold surgeries for my constituents at Chorley Town Hall every other Friday from 5pm to 6pm. Please contact me for details.

  • Contact me

    Contact details

    In the Constituency

    Constituency Office

    35 – 39 Market Street



    PR7 2SW


    01257 271 555

    At Westminster

    Westminster Office

    House of Commons


    SW1A 0AA


    020 7219 3515

    Regular MP's Advice Surgery

    Chorley Town Hall, Chorley, PR7 1DP

    Throughout the Parliamentary year I continue to hold my regular advice surgery, which is open to all constituents to attend and seek specific guidance or representation.


    My surgeries takes place roughly every fortnight - subject to Parliamentary business - at the Town Hall in Chorley, the next surgery will take place on Friday 30th September 2016 from 4pm until 5pm.


    Over the summer I also held a series of street surgeries around Chorley East to visit residents and discuss local issues.

  • My values and actions

    Here are some the issues I care most passionately about and what I am doing about them

    Standing up for the vulnerable

    We're 5th richest country on the planet. Our old & vulnerable shouldn't have to face fuel poverty 

    I've been a long-standing supporter of getting a fair deal for all on energy.

    Getting action for Chorley - Floods

    "The government must sit down with local government to discuss long term investment plans for flood defences across Lancashire"

    Full text of my statement on Flooding in Lancashire:

    "Following the unprecedented rainfall over the last few days and the threat of further rain Lindsay Hoyle has praised the work of the emergency services in Chorley and called on the government to provide more sand bags and vital resources.

    Homes and businesses right across Chorley have been hit hard by flooding and residents are dealing with the aftermath with support from Chorley Council and the emergency services.

    Lindsay Hoyle MP said: “People are working around the clock to try and provide immediate support in areas that have flooded and are liable to flood again. This must be the priority and I thank the emergency services and the volunteers from Chorley who have helped.

    I have been in touch with Chorley Council and the emergency services and relayed their concerns and requests directly to the Secretary of State for the Environment. We need more sandbags and support for clearing roads across the constituency, I believe this is happening as we speak. I will continue to liaise with all and will keep in contact with the government. ”

    Hoyle concluded: “Whilst the immediate threat of flooding must be dealt with first but afterwards the government must sit down with local government to discuss long term investment plans for flood defences across Lancashire. Funding packages must be fast tracked and insurances firms should be ready to pay out promptly.”

    The government has announced a financial support package and details of this can be found https://www.gov.uk/government/news/north-west-england-floods-2015-government-response.

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  • save OUR accident and emergency unit



    The A&E unite at Chorley and South Ribble District Hospital has been temporary closed due to staffing shortages; against a backdrop of massive funding cuts from central government, new contracts imposed on junior and a hugely costly NHS restructuring exercise.


    The people of Chorley deserve better; and the hard working NHS staff cannot cope with the influx of patients at Preston and Wigan hospitals.


    Please Sign Below To Show Your Support For Chorley A&E:


  • Lindsay hoyle mp

    “I have lived in Chorley all my life and that is why I care so passionately about our community.

    “I will work to support vulnerable individuals and groups across Chorley. I am proud to represent my home town."


    Lindsay Hoyle regularly send out newsletters to constituents and different community groups. Why not have a look below...



    Here you'll find some of my most recent press statements and news releases. If you have any press queries please contact my office directly.


    Here are few video clips of my work in the Commons and around the constituency. 

    Chorley Remembers

    Royal Ordance Factory cannons return to Chorley

    I am very proud of my role as Chairman of Chorley Remembers In 2015 the two cannons that used to stand outside the Royal Ordnance Factory at Euxton were returned to Chorley. It's a great story.

    Protecting the NHS

    We all need Chorley Hospital 

    I care passionately about our NHS. When it comes to fighting its corner, I stand up to be counted and lead from the front. I am proud to work alongside so many community groups and trade unions to protect and enhance our great NHS and the work our NHS staff do day in, day out.

    "Outspoken Deputy Speaker wins public acclaim"

    My 'no nonsense' approach to politics helps me keep some MPs in line.

    It is customary for the Budget Statement in Parliament each year to be 'refereed' by the Deputy Speaker. This ITN clip from 2013 shows how I keep everyone focused on the matter in hand!

    How the Budget Statement works

    A brief overview by Lindsay Hoyle, MP

    In this short video,  I give an overview of what happens in Parliament when the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivers the annual Budget Statement. 

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    European Referendum Vote and Labour Party Leadership


    Hundreds of constituents have emailed me with their thoughts and concerns over the implications of the European Referendum and the Labour Party Leadership.


    It is clear that the events of the last few weeks have left the country in a state of flux, and understandably this has worried the public. I believe that as politicians and as elected Members of Parliament we have a duty to listen to the public and to act in a way that will reassure our constituents.


    The results of the referendum are conclusive yet it is also clear that the country is divided; in Chorley 56% of voters supported leaving the European Union and 44% supported remaining. On the terms of the referendum the people of Chorley voted to leave. At Westminster we must accept this outcome whilst at the same accepting that those on the other side of the argument have very real, deep and valid concerns. I believe that it was important for constituents to make their own minds up on this issue and as such I did not campaign on either side, despite my personal vote to leave.


    I am committed to working with all colleagues here at Westminster to ensure that our exit from the EU and its institutions is orderly and calm; and that we get the very best deal possible for the UK for trade and economic partnerships. Of course this process will be led by a new Prime Minister later this year.


    The Labour Party is currently going through a very difficult period and I am grateful for the views of party members, councillors and constituents who are non-members. As a party we must take stock of the current situation and rally behind one Leader who can provide effective and strong opposition to the government in the months and years ahead. The coming years will require strong government and strong opposition. In order for this to happen we need to have a Parliamentary Labour Party and a membership that has confidence in our Leader.




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